Martijn Veltkamp


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Reactions on "The Hidden Motor: The Psychology of Cycling"

"A fascinating guide ... surprisingly entertaining book" - PEZ cycling news

"Almost anyone interested in sports psychology and performance will find value ... ideal Christmas present for a cycling enthusiast." - Davestravelpages 

The Dutch edition was awarded 'most surprising Tour-de-France read of 2015' in national newspaper the Volkskrant, and received 4 (out of 5) stars in national newspaper NRC.

For Cycling Weekly, I wrote an introduction article on the psychology of cycling, so for an impression on the kind of information in the book, read the article HERE.

About Martijn

Martijn Veltkamp (1980) was raised in the medieval town Hattem in the Netherlands. He went to highschool at the Carolus Clusius College in Zwolle (Carolus Clusius was the 16th century founder of Dutch tulip breeding and of the botanical garden in Leiden). After that, he studies social & organizational psychology at Leiden University (possibly still under the influence of Carolus Clusius), where he graduated in 2004, to continue immediately with a PhD trajectory at Utrecht University. As a PhD, he since worked in the area of motivation, performance, and behavioural change. For an overview of professional career, see LinkedIn.

Martijn is currently living near Utrecht in the middle of the Netherlands, has a great passion to understand human behaviour, for cycling (biking himself frequently on a special edition Bianchi, built for the legendary Italian motorcycle brand Ducati), but also to enjoy good food and wine.